About Us

Because integrity, accountability and commitment providing comprehensive roofing solutions, construction and….

For over 20 years ARC Group has been exceeding our customers expectations by providing comprehensive construction and renovation services. By providing a clear communication strategy, competitive pricing, and quality materials we build a trusted partnership with our clients to enhance asset values and increase Return on Investment. Our focus is on a "customer for life" and we strive to build long-term relationships based on trust.

Keys to our Success:

Commitment to Quality

It's more than just a tag line, at ARC Group USA we have a sincere dedication to building long-term relationships which can only be achieved by providing quality construction and renovation. Quality starts with our network of independent contractors and flows through to the building materials used on-site, every aspect of the project is managed with a focus on quality.

Placing Our Clients First

We work hard to minimize the disruptions to normal business operations for tenants and owners. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to getting projects done on-time and within budget. Whether it's a planned renovation or an unforeseen restoration due to a storm or other disaster the process is managed by the experts at ARC Group USA.